Revive tired tooling and gain increased capacity

Executool will repair your inefficient molds and effectively improve your production capabilities within weeks.  If you have a mold plagued by poor quality, unsatisfactory output or down/blocked cavities, we will provide a quick, cost-effective solution.  Executool will examine your mold, address and correct the damage, and improve the output within a reasonable timeframe.

We can:

  • Analyze problem molds
  • Improve cycle times
  • Calculate mold repair costs
  • Fix broken cavities
  • Help you catch up on mold maintenance
  • Recommend a long-term strategy to reduce your costs
  • Bring parts back to part print
  • Provide a full inspection report

Execu-Safe Launch Program:

Have a Design, Tooling or Molding Problem but still need to keep up with production? We have a solution! We can run your production while diagnosing and fixing your issue.

Need a new tool or have a new project?

At Executool, our highly trained experts will help you develop your idea. We will send experienced staff members to assist your engineers, designers, and quality assurance and/or customer service personnel with project design.

We excel at assisting your team on critical upfront project stages by reviewing your part’s function, aesthetics, packaging requirements, product dispensing, product application, mold layout, number of cavities needed and type of plastic used, among other factors.

Once project criteria have been established, the Executool team will supply:

  • Design and mold layout
  • Prototypes
  • Part price
  • Packaging costs
  • Quality inspection plan
  • Tooling cost
  • Production lead times
  • Distribution

Executool Offers:

  • Supplier-managed inventories
  • Monthly and quarterly quality service reports for delivery times, quality ratings and production capabilities
  • Participation in cost-savings reduction teams to decrease costs, while maintaining quality parts.
  • A team approach to design changes and any quality issues that arise
  • Quick quote turnaround, with an interdisciplinary team approach