Welcome to Executool

Executool specializes in close tolerance molds and precision injection molding. Executool designs and builds custom thermoplastic injection molds for the automotive, electronic, medical, and other leading industries. Our specialty: close tolerance molds and precision injection molding.
Executool’s experts provide all of the integrated services and resources you need for complete mold manufacturing and injection molding. We can work with your CAD files or create them for you. We then build and sample the mold, inspect it, perform final conditioning and run it.
What distinguishes Executool from our competitors is our dedication to quality, commitment to maintaining scheduled deliveries, open and honest communication with our customers, and demonstrated ability to keep pace with technological developments in the computer and machine tool industries—all of which allow even greater efficiency and precision. If you’re tired of getting the runaround from other vendors, you’ll appreciate the satisfaction you receive from working with an experienced, competent toolmaker who also happens to own the company.
Executool is distinguished by dedication to quality, our commitment to maintaining scheduled deliveries, communicating openly and honestly with our customers, and keeping pace with technological developments that arise in the computer and machine tool industries. I believe that Executool Inc. could be an asset to your company, in this always changing and demanding field of development to bring a product to market in the short deliveries required.
Whether your project involves single cavity prototyping, laminated tooling, or multiple molds with increased cavitation, Executool is able to expertly handle your project. With the ability to take your project from concept through design, fabrication, conditioning, production, and quality assessments, Executool Precision Tooling is striving to be your valued supplier.
This website provides a visual tour of our facility and showcases our capabilities. We look forward to hearing from you and welcome the opportunity to answer any preliminary questions you may have. We can then develop a proposal for your next precision tooling or plastic molding project.